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DNA Labs India, is a leading molecular diagnostic company dedicated to making a difference in patient’s lives through the discovery and commercialization of transformative tests to assess a person’s risk of developing disease, guide treatment decisions and assess risk of disease progression and recurrence.

Sample Managemnet

Samples once collected would be barcoded and kept on track until they go for processing

Expert Doctors

Our team of experts would reveiw patient clinical histroy and talk to patient to gather more information

Validation Of Data

All reports are validated by 2 set of doctors such that the final report is 100% validated

Expert Reports

Our team of experts talk with doctors and help them in coming to conclusion in regards to patient treatment

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DNA Labs India

Based in Hyderabad, India, Clinical laboratory provides physicians and their patients in more than 40 different countries with actionable and accurate precision healthcare information to improve, or maintain, health and wellness. DNA labs India Genomics testing services cover a variety of conditions including somatic and hereditary cancer, cardiac health, carrier screening, diet and weight loss, as well as drug response for specific medications including those used in pain management and mental health.

The Genetics Division at DNA Labs India provides a comprehensive test menu to assist physicians in the diagnosis of patients with genetic disorders and offers testing in the disciplines of molecular genetics, cytogenetics, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), maternal serum screening, genomic microarray, and biochemical genetics. Committed to providing high-quality genetic testing, DNA Lbas India continuously expands its test menu as new procedures and markers of clinical utility are identified. Medical directors and genetic counselors are available for pre- and post-test consultation and interpretation.

DNA Labs India was founded in 2009 and has since been dedicated to the highest quality genetic and biochemical diagnostic testing for the global medical community. We believe that the molecular understanding of rare disease allows for the coordination of personalized and focused therapy and improved control of rare and congenital disease. This is being supported by the development of very specific and sensitive biomarkers. As one of the world's leading companies in molecular diagnostics, we also support clinicians with expert genetic counseling services and newborn screening. We deliver solutions for your rare disease diagnostics on a laboratory scale

Through the impressive research achievements of our highly qualified staff, molecular geneticists and our molecular diagnostic network, we are making huge contributions in the detection of disorders in patients from around the world. We believe that the best treatment to improve your patient's quality of life and disease state is early detection.

DNA Labs India also collaborates with both academic and industrial partners on the development of new diagnostic techniques and orphan drugs.


DNA Labs India is a leading developer of genetic testing that helps physicians to diagnose disease earlier and more precisely for more tailored treatment. Founded by researchers from Harvard and Children’s Hospital Boston, Correlagen provides high-quality testing through the use of automated systems and sophisticated result interpretation and reporting. Correlagen’s customers range from private practitioners to researchers at some of the world’s foremost academic institutions.

  1. Whole Genome Sequencing
  2. Whole Exome Sequencing
  3. RNA Sequencing
  4. miRNA Sequencing
  5. ChIP Sequencing
  6. MethylSeq
  7. TCR Sequencing
  8. NIPT Testing


Awarded as Best genetic DNA Laboratory

Our goal, at DNA Labs India, is to make a difference in patient’s lives and for the past twenty years, the Company’s strategy has been guided by this mission. To accomplish this, we are focused on revolutionizing patient care through the development and marketing of transformative tests which address pressing clinical needs across multiple medical specialities.

At DNA LABS INDIA, we have established an extensive and unique mutation database with a particular emphasis on neurogenetic, metabolic, and ophthalmological diseases. We analyze samples from over 90 countries which enables us to cross-reference multiple ethnic backgrounds and gender- specific clinical symptoms. This helps us to provide more comprehensive interpretations of mutations and unclassified variants.

At DNA LABS INDIA, we are continuously improving our diagnostic services to facilitate an appropriate post-diagnostic treatment. Our medical experts are developing new biomarkers that are associated with genetic anomalies, which allow us to establish the extent to which a patient is affected by a disease

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