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DNA labs India is part of an ecosystem of solutions that support health care provider needs.

DNA Labs India

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With all the rapid advances taking place at DNA Labs India, our unwavering commitment to improving the health and care patients remains constant. We pledge ongoing support and resources for patients and providers.

DNA Labs India, Genomic Diagnostics specializes in providing innovative precision medicine solutions, including diagnostic, analysis, and support services to clinicians, researchers, and patients.

Journey began in 2009

A leader of precision healthcare

Started with team of 5 in 2019 today we stand with presence in 9 countries catering to patients need for genomic testing.  

DNA labs India, is a privately held company providing complex molecular and specialized diagnostic tests to clinicians with a focus on clear, actionable results that enable informed medical decisions.

Laboratory for Molecular Medicine

DNA holds the blueprint

Through the technology partnership we are dedicated to transforming health care processes and productivity through innovation, information integration and unparalleled precision and user experience. By working with doctors and a wide range of customers across the life sciences industry, DNA Labs India is part of an ecosystem of solutions that support health care provider needs

I found the whole process very easy. The people I spoke with on the phone were very helpful and understanding. Thank you for your help. I would be happy to recommend you too my friends if needed.
Sean Walsh
London, UK
You guys are very professional supportive, despite being affordable. It’s not a nice feeling waiting on these kind of results but the whole process went under way smoothly and quickly.
Astrid Sorensen
Oslo, Norway
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