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Cost of DNA Paternity Test in India

What is DNA test?

DNA can tell you a lot about yourself. Your DNA is, fundamentally, the source code to you. DNA, is essential, code. The order and combination of the code provide instructions for creating organic material.

DNA testing involves a set of procedures in which DNA (the genetic material) extracted from a patient’s cells (usually from a blood sample) is tested in the laboratory for changes. 

Although these DNA changes are usually suspected of causing disease, DNA testing can also be used to gather other information important for proper healthcare.

How the Paternity Test is done in India?

Samples for a DNA test like a paternity test are collected using simple buccal swabs that are similar to a cotton-tipped swab but they are made of a special material called Dacron. 

The swab is rubbed against the inside of the cheek of the test person taking the test and the loose cheek cells get collected to the swab.

Which DNA Test is best?

Most Testing Labs in India use 16-21 marker for paternity tests but DNA Labs India is the only lab to do 24 markers. The more the number of the markers is used, the better will be the accuracy and the quality of the report. 

Sample can be collected across India in different cities from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Visakhapatnam, Kanpur, Nagpur, Lucknow, Thane, Bhopal, Indore, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Patna, Vadodara, Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Agra, Nashik, Faridabad, Meerut, Rajkot, Kalyan-Dombivli, Vasai-Virar, Varanasi, Srinagar, Aurangabad, Dhanbad, Amritsar, Navi, Mumbai, Allahabad, Howrah, Ranchi, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Jodhpur, Madurai, Raipur, Chandigarh, Guntur, Guwahati, Solapur, Hubli–Dharwad, Mysore, Tiruchirappalli, Bareilly, Moradabad, Tiruppur, Gurgaon, Aligarh, Jalandhar, Bhubaneswar, Salem, Mira-Bhayandar, Warangal, Jalgaon, Kota, Bhiwandi, Saharanpur, Gorakhpur, Bikaner, Amravati, Noida, Jamshedpur, Bhilai, Cuttack, Firozabad, Kochi, Nellore, Bhavnagar, Dehradun, Durgapur, Asansol, Rourkela, Nanded, Kolhapur, Ajmer, Akola

How does a paternity test prove who the father is in India?

If the DNA patterns between mother, child, and the alleged father match on every DNA probe, the likelihood of paternity is 99.9 percent. 

To conduct DNA testing, either a blood test is known as Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) or a procedure called a Buccal scrap is used. DNA testing facilities are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune,

What is the cost of a DNA Paternity Test?

Paternity DNA Test cost you from 13000 INR to 26000 INR. It depends of the type of paternity test and the number of markers you want to get tested. Greater the markers greater the accuracy.

Paternity tests consist of determining the genetic maps that belong to the two people who undergo the analysis. By comparing the genetic map of the suspected father with that of the child, it is possible to determine their biological kinship. 

How do you tell if a baby is yours without a DNA test?

  1. Eye-Color Test: An eye-color paternity test shows how eye color and inherited-trait theory can be used to help estimate paternity.
  2. Blood-Type Test: A blood-type paternity test can also help eliminate a potential father or determine if paternity is probable.
  3. DNA Test: The Only Sure Way.

Can a DNA test be done with just the father and child?

Paternity testing with just a father and a child usually produces a high CPI and a very high Probability of Paternity (usually 99.99% or greater if he is the father). 

However, sometimes the matches between father and child aren’t strong enough for conclusive results.

Can you do a secret paternity test?

To take a secret DNA paternity test you will need to supply a sample from each person, usually a mouth swab for the father, and a discreet sample for the child, although any number of discreet samples, from anyone is acceptable.

Where Is DNA Found?

You have around 30 trillion cells in your body, and DNA is found in most but not all of them. For example, mature red blood cells don’t have any DNA. The DNA isn’t just floating around in the cell. Most of it is stored in a small compartment in the cell called the nucleus.

Each human cell has about six picograms (pg) of DNA. This is a tiny amount and is much smaller than a grain of rice, which typically weighs about 29 billion picograms. 

Do hospitals do paternity tests?

You can DNA test a baby after birth as soon as the baby has been cleaned up by hospital staff. Because a cheek swab is used, it’s important that the baby’s mouth be free from meconium, amniotic fluid, breast milk, or formula when doing the DNA collection.

How can I get a paternity test without the father knowing?

It is possible to have a DNA paternity test without the father’s direct involvement. One way is to test the father’s parents or his first degree relatives. Or, non-standard samples from the father, such as an autopsy sample can be used.

Can you tell paternity by looks?

An eye-color paternity test shows how eye color and inherited-trait theory can be used to help estimate paternity. … With this test you enter the mother’s, alleged father’s, and child’s eye colors to determine if paternity is possible. 

How can you tell if the kid is yours?

There is only one test that can say with 100% accuracy whether child doesn’t belong to you is Paternity DNA Test 

Do Babies always have the father’s blood type?

Each biological parent donates one of their two ABO alleles to their child. A mother who is blood type O can only pass an O allele to her son or daughter. A father who is blood type AB could pass either an A or a B allele to his son or daughter.

What is the procedure for DNA test?

The Paternity test is performed by collecting buccal (cheek) cells found on the inside of a person’s cheek using a buccal or cheek swab. … The collector rubs the inside of a person’s cheek to collect as many buccal cells as possible, which are then sent to a laboratory for testing.

How much DNA does a father and son share?

The father gives him 23 chromosomes full of DNA  but the y chromosome being smaller than the x chromosome, and also the mitochondrial DNA comes from the mother. 

Each son receives DNA for his Y chromosome from his father.  This DNA is not mixed with that of the mother, and it is identical to that of the father, unless a mutation occurs. 

Would a father and son have the same DNA?

You inherit exactly half of your father’s genes. Among them is the Y chromosome, which passes from father to son. A man will pass his copy of the X chromosome and the genes it contains only to his daughters and his copy of the Y chromosome only to his sons.

What DNA is from father?

Among the many things parents hand down to their children are 23 pairs of chromosomes – those thread-like structures in the nucleus of every cell containing the genetic instructions for every person.

Girls have an XX pair and boys have an XY pair, with very rare exceptions in certain disorders. Females always pass an X chromosome onto their offspring. If the father passes on an X chromosome, the baby will be genetically female, and if the father passes on a Y chromosome. 

HOW LONG DOES at home DNA test take?

If you are wondering how long it takes to get the results back from a DNA paternity test, the answer can vary, depending on which lab you choose. While some DNA labs can provide results in 4-5 days, others can take 3-12 weeks or in some cases, longer. 

Can DNA tests be wrong?

If the DNA tested man has those same size pieces, then he could be the child’s biological father. Thus, sometimes DNA paternity tests are incorrect because they have falsely included the DNA tested man as the biological father, when he is not.

Do siblings have the same DNA?

Siblings only share about 50 percent of the same DNA, on average. While biological siblings have the same family tree, their genetic code might be different in at least one of the areas looked at in a given test. That’s true even for fraternal twins.

How long do DNA results take?

Most laboratories usually can process results in 2 to 5 days from the time your samples are received. In most cases, a hospital, testing clinic, or DNA laboratory can have paternity DNA test results back to you in as little as three business days to a week.


  1. Devarsh Pandya

    I want to get tested maximum number of markers for Paternity.
    Please let know how many markers would be tested and what would be the cost?

    1. 46 marker test will cost you 26000 INR at DNA Labs India

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