Hair Loss Baldness DNA test DNA test lab cost 6500.00 /- Rs

Hair Loss Baldness DNA test DNA Test

Hair Loss Baldness DNA test

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Reporting Time: In stock Week
Test Cost: 6500.00 /- Rs
Sample Type: Blood or Mouth Swabs or FTA Card Blood Spot
Hair Loss Baldness DNA test Test Description Hair Loss Baldness DNA test The Hairgenetic hair loss test is designed to identify individuals who are predisposed to developing androgenetic alopecia, a certain type of pattern baldness that can cause hair loss in both men and women. Hair Loss Baldness tends to occur most often in Asians and African Americans. Commonly known as male or female pattern baldness, Androgenetic Alopecia (AA) generally affects the hairline and crown of the head first in men, while women usually experience an overall thinning. Hair loss potential can actually be identified in your DNA. A fast, convenient, and affordable DNA test will reveal the likelihood that you will bald - for you, your boyfriend or spouse, or even for your children. Knowing what the future may hold helps us make better life choices and be prepared.

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Hair Loss Baldness DNA test TEST DETAILS

What can you learn from the Hair Loss DNA Rest results?

Your genetic profile will tell you the risk of hair fall, so that you can take action straight away, we will help you to prevent the hair loss and early damage to your hair in the most efficient way, as well as providing you with information: -

  1. How your gene determine your ability to produce new hair follicle and protection of hair from organic compounds like DHT (Di hydrotestostrone)
  2. How and at what level you are genetically protected from environmental factors that accelerate the aging process and results in severity in the hair fall.
  3. The efficiency of the drug based treatment for hair growth, based on your gene.
  4. The genetic ability of your hair cells to replenish in order to prevent premature hair fall.
  5. You will learn if the hair related problems are hereditary and will it impact the next generation.
  6. How your gene affect your metabolism, the health of your hair and your general health.
  7. The genes can tell which drugs to choose from and how effective the treatment will be for the hair fall
  8. The mutations in genes can help you in selecting the effective dosage of the drugs to prevent side effective
  9. By knowing your genetic information, you can take more informed decision, whether to go for hair fall treatment or you can proceed with hair transplant treatment for quicker approach.

How can you benefit from this information?

By learning about your genetic profile in respect of the specific causes that result  in hair fall, we can take appropriate preventive measures to control the severity of the hair loss or prevent it by taking treatment. We will provide you with personalized information about your genetic profile, so that you can protect your hair from  many factors that are responsible for hair fall and loss.