SLIM DNA Test DNA test lab cost 2500.00 /- Rs



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Reporting Time: 1 Week
Test Cost: 2500.00 /- Rs
Sample Type: Blood or Mouth Swabs or FTA Card Blood Spot
SLIM DNA Test Test Description SLIM DNA Test DNA test Slim is a story about your body’s specific needs. The way you metabolise certain foods and nutrients is written in your DNA. That is why excess body weight is the result of metabolic changes to fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, which are usually accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition. Each person is unique and requires different combinations of nutrients in order to function effectively. While we can’t change our genes but we can adapt to them with a new lifestyle and weight loss diet plan.

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Each of us has a unique DNA make-up which determines our propensity to gain or lose weight. It is this difference in the genetic structure which explains why two individuals enrolling for the same slimming package sometimes obtain different results from it even if their body composition, lifestyles, and dietary habits are more or less similar. SLIM DNA Test is a custom-fit solution and the answer for all those who have been seeking a scientific, individualized weight loss, weight reduction program that offers speedy, yet sustainable results.

One diet definitely doesn't fit all. So if you're fed up of quitting carbs, cutting sugar and only costuming green juices, this 'diet' could be for you.

The problem with fad diets is that they work for some people, but not for others.

This is because our bodies process fats and carbohydrates differently, so some of us put on more weight than others even when we eat the same foods.

This is why some people can gorge on pasta to their hearts delight without putting on a pound, while others pile it on at the mere sight of a sandwich.

Weight loss diet tailored to your DNA with genetic analysis!

  • DNA test Slim will reveal your body's true needs for you

  • No more trials - let a simple DNA testing choose the right diet for your body

  • Because genetics makes a 40 to 70% contribution to the development of obesity

  • Easy to use and fully comprehensive healthy weight loss diet plan with menus

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₹ 2500.00
₹ 2500.00
₹ 2500.00
₹ 2500.00
₹ 2500.00
₹ 2500.00
₹ 2500.00