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Genetic DNA Test Cost in New Delhi G.P.O. New Delhi

DNA labs India is Ranked as India's No1 Genetic DNA Testsing Laboratory, With 3000 sample collection centers & tie-up with 500 hospitals across India. We perform more than 5000 tests a day. No matter where you are located in New Delhi G.P.O. New Delhi , we are just a call away! We understand the special needs of our customersat New Delhi G.P.O.. We bring you access to world-class diagnostic facilities in New Delhi G.P.O. New Delhi right at your doorstep. Enjoy peace of mind while giving samples at home or office, a sealed, one-time use containing all components required for safe home DNA collection.

DNA Test Collection Center New Delhi G.P.O.

Address New Delhi G.P.O., New Delhi - 110001Delhi ( India)
E-mail info@dnalabsindia.com
Phone: (011) 33635333
Phone: (022) 38547105
Phone: (033) 33015341
Phone: (044) 39974609
Phone: (080) 33673784
Phone: (040) 39517864
Phone: (079) 30925079

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