List of Sexual Transmitted Diseases

An estimated 7% of the world population is infected with Sexual Transmitted Diseases.


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In daily life, many people worry that they are infected with HIV without their knowledge. In fact, there are only three ways to spread AIDS, namely

  • Sexual Contact with HIV Partner Transmission,
  • Blood Needle transmission
  • Mother-to-child transmission.

HIV Blood Transmission through Needle: HIV is active in a laboratory environment or in a closed environment such as a syringe or needle. It must be pointed out that in the residual blood of the used injection needle, HIV can survive for a long time, and the needle can directly enter the blood of the human body. Therefore, the used needle is very dangerous for HIV infection.

Sex without a condom or Condom Leak: having unprotected sex (meaning sex without a condom) with someone who has HIV, particularly unprotected vaginal sex, condom break or leak and anal sex.

4th generation HIV 1 2 Detection Test

Antibody-Antigen HIV detection: This Test mainly detects the P24 antigen core protein of HIV1. In the early and late stages of infection, P24 antigens appear in free form, in most cases in the form of antigen-antibody complexes. P24 is generally detectable from 3rd  week of infection and decreases with P24 antibody production. It usually lasts for 0.5-5 months.

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Sexually transmitted diseases (STD): are a group of infectious diseases that are infected by sexual contact, body fluid contact and blood transmission. They not only cause lesions on the sexual organs, but also invade the lymph nodes, skin and mucous membranes of the sexual organs through the lymphatic system, and even through blood. Scattered the vital tissues and organs of the whole body.