Karyotyping From Blood DNA test lab cost 4000.00 /- Rs

Karyotyping From Blood DNA Test

Karyotyping From Blood

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Reporting Time: 1 Week
Test Cost: 4000.00 /- Rs
Sample Type: Peripheral Blood Sodium Heparin Vacutainer 2ml Ambient
Karyotyping From Blood Test Description Karyotyping From Blood Karyotyping Chromosome G banding technology can detect abnormal chromosome number and structural abnormalities and deletions, duplication's, inversions, and so on.

  Clinical application of infertility, infertility, recurrent miscarriage, reducing the risk of recurrent genetic diseases in the family, avoiding the transmission of serious harmful genes to future generations, guiding eugenics for marriage and childbirth, reducing birth defects and improving the success of assisted reproductive technology rate.

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Karyotyping From Blood TEST DETAILS

What is karyotyping ?

The karyotype of normal males is 44 autosomes plus 2 sex chromosomes X and Y, which are usually expressed in 46, XY. Normal women have the same autosomes as men, and the sex chromosomes are 2 XX, usually indicated by 46, XX. 46 denotes the total number of chromosomes, and more than or less than 46 belong to an abnormal number of chromosomes. The missing sex chromosomes are usually represented by O.

What is a chromosomal abnormality ?

Chromosomal abnormalities are mainly classified into structural abnormalities and abnormal numbers. Chromosome structural abnormalities include translocation, inversion and deletion. Abnormal chromosome numbers include super-estrin syndrome, Turner syndrome, and Koch's syndrome. Abnormal chromosome numbers or structural abnormalities may cause adverse pregnancy history such as miscarriage , stillbirth , and teratogenesis. Different chromosomal abnormalities may lead to different maternal outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a chromosome examination on couples with adverse maternal history to clarify the genetic cause, so as to provide a theoretical basis for clinically relevant diagnosis and treatment, and provide prenatal guidance for their reproductive.

What is cost of karyotyping test?

karyotyping Test Cost is 4000.00 INR.

How are the karyotyping test results Interpreted ?

A chromosome is a basic substance that constitutes a nucleus and is a carrier of a gene. Chromosomal abnormalities are also called chromosomal hypoplasia. The pathogenesis of chromosomal abnormalities, ie chromosomal aberrations, is unknown, which may be due to the absence of chromosome segregation in the late stage of cell division or the breakage and reconnection of chromosomes under the influence of various factors in and out of the body.

1. Quantitative aberrations include euploid and aneuploidy aberrations, increased chromosome number, decreased number, and triploid appearance.

2. Structural aberrations Chromosomal deletions Translocation inversion, insertion, repetitive and circular chromosomes can be divided into autosomal aberrations.