Albinism NGS panel Test Cost
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Albinism NGS panel Test Cost

26,000.00 20,000.00


Albinism NGS panel genetic DNA test for Ophthalmological Diseases testing done with next gene sequencing NGS sample type Blood or DNA and reporting time is 3 to 4 weeks test cost 45000/-Rs

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Albinism NGS panel Test Details:

Albinism panel (NGS Panel C10ORF11, GPR143, LYST, MC1R, MITF, MYO5A, OCA2, RAB27A, SLC45A2, TYR, TYRP1)

What is Albinism NGS panel Test?

Albinism NGS panel Test is a medical speciality that determines the cause and nature of diseases by examining and testing body tissues (EDTA blood or DNA). It is an Albinism NGS panel Test that screens of severe conditions.


Albinism is a rare group of genetic disorders that cause the skin, hair, or eyes to have little or no colour. Albinism is also associated with vision problems. Most forms of albinism don’t affect life span. Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome, Chediak-Higashi syndrome, and Griscelli syndrome do affect life span, however.

People with albinism may have to limit their outdoor activities because their skin and eyes are sensitive to the sun. UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer and vision loss in some people with albinism.

Symptoms of Albinism:

Skin Symptoms of Albinism: It often appears pale white, cream, or pink. But people with ocular albinism may have skin that’s brown or otherwise similar to the colour of their relatives without albinism.

Eye symptoms of albinism: Blue eyes are most common in people with albinism. But sometimes their iris, the coloured part of the eye, can lack so much pigment that they appear pink or reddish from the blood vessels.

Hair symptoms of albinism: Hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows could range from very white, yellow, or even reddish. As you get older, your hair may darken to blond or even light brown.

Types of Albinism:

Different gene defects characterize the numerous types of albinism. Types of albinism include:

Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA):

OCA affects the skin, hair, and eyes. There are several subtypes of OCA. OCA1 is due to a defect in the tyrosinase enzyme. OCA2 is less severe than OCA1. It’s due to a defect in the OCA2 gene that results in reduced melanin production.

OCA3 is a defect in the TYRP1 gene. It usually affects people with dark skin, mainly black South Africans. OCA4 is due to a defect in the SLC45A2 protein. It results in a minimal production of melanin and commonly appears in people of East Asian descent.

Ocular albinism:

Ocular albinism is the result of a gene mutation on the X chromosome and occurs almost exclusively in males. This type of albinism only affects the eyes. People with this type have normal hair, skin, and eye colouring, but have no pigment in the retina.

Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome:

This syndrome is a rare form of albinism that’s due to a defect in one of eight genes. It produces symptoms similar to OCA. The syndrome occurs with lung, bowel, and bleeding disorders.

Chediak-Higashi syndrome:

Chediak-Higashi syndrome is another rare form of albinism that’s the result of a defect in the LYST gene. It produces symptoms similar to OCA, but may not affect all areas of the skin.

Griscelli syndrome:

Griscelli syndrome is a sporadic genetic disorder. It’s due to a defect in one of three genes. There only have been 60 known cases worldwide since 1978. Griscelli syndrome usually results in death within the first decade of life.

Treatment for Albinism:

There’s no cure for albinism. However, treatment can relieve symptoms and prevent sun damage. Treatment may include:

  • sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • protective clothing and sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays
  • prescription eyeglasses to correct vision problems
  • surgery on the muscles of the eyes to correct abnormal eye movements

What type of sample is needed to do an Albinism NGS panel Test?

An EDTA blood or DNA for testing can be obtained from several bodily sources. The cells are the most commonly tested are derived.

Standard Biological Albinism NGS panel Test Samples: EDTA blood or DNA

How accurate is Albinism NGS panel Test?

Albinism NGS panel Test is generally considered to be the most accurate testing method available. DNA Labs India’s Albinism NGS panel Test is regarded as a benchmark by most doctors. The most precise and precise Albinism NGS panel Test in India.

How many days does it take to obtain Albinism NGS panel Test results?

Results of Albinism NGS panel Test test are usually available from the laboratory within one week to 5 weeks.

For a standard Albinism NGS panel Test, DNA Labs India returns Albinism NGS panel Test results in 7 to 10 business days once all samples are received at the lab.

DNA Labs India understands that waiting for Albinism NGS panel Test results for this potentially life-changing test is stressful, so we provide speedy service without sacrificing accuracy.

Once complete, results are posted immediately to our secure online portal, and you will be notified by email right away.

Can the Albinism NGS panel Test be done during pregnancy?

Prenatal Albinism NGS panel Test is a sensitive subject because of the ethical and legal issues involved, including the risks of an invasive test. It would help if you talked with your doctor.

How much does an Albinism NGS panel Test cost?

A standard Albinism NGS panel Test cost you 20000/- INR.

Why Choose DNA Labs India for Albinism NGS panel Test?

DNA labs India’s Albinism NGS panel Test follows with dual testing for 100% accuracy when determining an Albinism NGS panel Test.

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How to Schedule an Appointment for Albinism NGS panel Test?

You can either book online at the link provided. If you book and make the payment online free home collection service is offered to patients of all Albinism NGS panel Test.

How can I locate an Albinism NGS panel Test facility?

DNA labs India has 3000 plus sample collection centres across India for Albinism NGS panel Test.

You can choose the centre and book the Albinism NGS panel Test online. For all online bookings made and payment paid a free home sample collection service is provided.

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