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Avuncular DNA Test
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Avuncular DNA Test

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In an avuncular DNA test, we are Looking for, “Does the DNA of the alleged father’s full sister (or Brother) contain the genes that the child inherited (or possibly inherited) from his biological father?”

DNA Labs India avuncular DNA test matches 46 markers observed between the child and the alleged uncle or aunt, and upon the statistical strength of those genetic matches (the likelihood that they would occur by random chance), the laboratory calculates the statistical likelihood that the alleged aunt/uncle is the biological aunt/uncle of the child versus being unrelated to the child.

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The avuncular DNA test can be administered between an alleged aunt or uncle and an alleged niece or nephew

Avuncular DNA testing is an indirect paternity test. The DNA test determines if an alleged uncle or aunt is related to a niece or nephew. We take a DNA sample from the person and compare it with the DNA sample of his/her suspected uncle or aunt to find out whether they are biologically related or not.

What do you need DNA Avuncular Test?

There are several reasons to get the DNA Avuncular test.

  • Peace of mind to confirm you are the Aunt or Uncle of a child
  • Requested by legal authorities to supply evidence of relationship to a child in absence of a father.

How does the Avuncular DNA Test work?

When avuncular DNA testing is performed the DNA profiles of the aunt or uncle and nephew or niece are matched to see if there are a certain number of matching markers between the profiles. An avuncular DNA test will help to provide you with an indication of the likelihood of whether or not you are biologically related to the aunt or uncle.

An avuncular test is best with the alleged parent’s full sibling, (brother or sister), sharing the same mother and father. Performing an avuncular DNA test with the alleged father’s half-sibling, increase risks of weak or wrong leaning conclusions.

What relatives should participate in an avuncular DNA test?

Generally, participants in an avuncular DNA test are the child and either a brother or sister of the possible father in the case. Whenever possible, the mother of the child should also contribute her DNA to testing since her participation can definitely help to strengthen results.

Testing for male relatives: Y chromosome test:

Y chromosome testing is strongly recommended when those individuals involved in the test are males. This is because any males who descend from the same paternal line will have a copy of the same Y chromosome. If a DNA test shows that two or more males share the same Y chromosome, it means that they also share a common paternal relative.

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