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Grandparent DNA Test
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Grandparent DNA Test

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When an alleged father (or mother) is not available to be tested, at least one of the suspected father’s (or mother’s) biological parents can perform a DNA grandparent test to help determine if he or she is the true father or mother of a child.

Biological parents equally contribute 50% to their child’s DNA, so that one-half of his DNA comes from each parent. When that child becomes a parent, they in turn contribute half of their DNA to their child. Therefore, 25% of the grandchild’s DNA comes from each grandparent, through their biological child.

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Half of our DNA markers belong to the mother while the other half belongs to the father. One-fourth (1/4) of our genetic markers belong to our grandparents.

The Grandparent Lineage Test is performed to determine whether a couple (either of the grandfather or the grandmother) is a biological grandparent of the child. Grandparentage Tests are done when an alleged father is not available to take the test. Through this test, the lineage is established without any need for an alleged or biological father at all.

Although the Grandparentage Test can be performed with or without the child’s mother, the mother’s participation is highly advised because it aids in excluding half of the child’s DNA when compared to her DNA. The remaining half of the child’s DNA markers are to be matched with that of grandparents’ DNA markers. If both the grandparents are present, the result of the test is more accurate than only either of the grandparents being present.

Reasons for a grandparent DNA test

The grandparent DNA test is often required when parents of the alleged father or indeed the biological mother are not available. This is to test a child’s missing links in their biological relationship with the family.

In this case, if the alleged father is unavailable for a paternity test, the next step is to do a grandparent DNA test of the alleged father’s parents in order to answer the child’s relationship to the alleged father.

Other cases include the grandparents questioning if the child is their biological grandchild. DNA tests such as these can provide the answers in order to bring families closer together.


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