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Started with team of 5 in 2009 today we stand with presence in 9 countries catering to patients need for genomic testing

Established in 2009

In recent years, advancements in genetic testing have revolutionized the field of healthcare, offering individuals unprecedented insights into their genetic makeup. DNA Labs India has emerged as a leading player in this arena, providing comprehensive and accurate genetic testing services.

DNA Labs India is renowned for utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and precision in their testing results. Their advanced laboratories and equipment guarantee that your DNA analysis is conducted with the utmost rigor.

DNA Labs India offers an extensive range of tests catering to diverse needs

Ranked India No1 Genetic DNA Test Lab

  • Ancestry and Genealogy: Trace your roots and discover your family history through in-depth analysis of your genetic heritage.
  • Rare Diseases, Genetic Disorders, Health and Wellness: Uncover potential health risks, carrier statuses, and predispositions to various conditions, empowering you to make proactive health choices.
  • Paternity, Maternity, and Relationship Testing: Establish biological relationships with unparalleled accuracy and confidence, providing clarity and peace of mind.
  • Immigration DNA Testing: Seamlessly navigate requirements for immigration proceedings with DNA tests providing irrefutable proof of familial ties.
  • Forensic DNA Testing: Obtain crucial evidence for criminal investigations and legal matters using highly specialized forensic DNA analysis.
DNA Labs India adheres to the most rigorous quality standards in the industry

Open for International Partnership

DNA Labs India has established its presence across various regions globally, boasting a commitment to delivering top-tier genomic services accompanied by reports of 100% accuracy. The lab takes pride in its patient-centric service approach, incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, and a vast network of skilled physicians, facilitated through the establishment of labs either independently or in collaboration with local partners.

The international expansion of DNA Labs India has been meticulously executed, with each partnership forged only after the successful completion of rigorous and extensive trial runs. During these trials, samples were concurrently tested at the client’s laboratory and at a DNA Labs India facility, and the results were meticulously compared. Presently, the International Division operates in diverse geographical regions, including the Gulf and the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia.

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Dr. Neha Gandhi

Genetic Counselor
"Dr. Neha Gandhi has dedicated seven years to providing compassionate and insightful genetic counseling. With a deep understanding of genetic disorders and a commitment to patient education, she helps individuals and families navigate the complexities of genetic testing and hereditary conditions. Dr. Gandhi’s expertise includes risk assessment, interpreting genetic test results, and guiding patients through informed decision-making processes."

Dr. Shwetha Reddy

"Dr. Shwetha Reddy brings nine years of pediatric experience to her practice, offering comprehensive care for infants, children, and adolescents. Known for her warm bedside manner and thorough approach, she addresses a wide range of pediatric health issues, from routine check-ups and vaccinations to complex medical conditions. Dr. Reddy’s dedication to her young patients and their families ensures a nurturing and supportive healthcare experience.."

Dr. Varun Chinampa

Oncology Surgeon
"Dr. Varun Chinampa has seven years of experience as an oncology surgeon, specializing in surgical treatments for various types of cancers. His expertise includes performing complex oncologic surgeries and providing personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs. Dr. Chinampa’s commitment to excellence and patient-centered care has earned him a reputation for achieving optimal surgical outcomes while maintaining a compassionate and supportive environment for his patients."

Dr. Mridula Roy

Gynecology and Fetal Medicine Expert
"With a decade of experience, Dr. Mridula Roy is a distinguished expert in gynecology and fetal medicine. She specializes in high-risk pregnancies, prenatal diagnostics, and fetal therapy. Dr. Roy’s proficiency in advanced medical technologies and her compassionate care approach provide expecting mothers with the highest level of prenatal care and support, ensuring the health and well-being of both mother and baby."
Given my family history of breast cancer, I underwent the BRCA test to understand my genetic risk. The results indicated a mutation in the BRCA1 gene, significantly increasing my risk of breast and ovarian cancers. With this information, I have opted for enhanced surveillance and preventive measures. This test has potentially saved my life by allowing early intervention.
Smita Roy
I was curious about how my lifestyle might be affecting my genes, so I took a DNA methylation test. The results were enlightening, showing that my diet and stress levels were impacting my gene expression. This prompted me to adopt a healthier diet, reduce stress, and implement changes to improve my overall well-being. Understanding my epigenetic profile has been incredibly valuable
Varun Dhawan

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  • Corporate Tie Up

    Pre-employment Health Checkups – It involves basic investigations required to determine the candidate’s medical fitness for employment. It gives the employer an assurance on candidate’s overall state of health.

    Drug Testing & Hazardous Testing – We offer a comprehensive test menu to screen your current and potential employees against a range of Drugs.

    Corporate Discounts Corporate lifestyles are changing and so are the disease patterns. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor diet and work pressure make periodic Health Checkup a must. A timely detection can ensure you a long and healthy life ahead. Recommended age group: 30-50 years.

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    Become Franchise -Be a Part of India’s Trusted & one of the largest geneomic diagnostic chain

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    DNA Labs India, invites applications from reputed, technically competent, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) / Authorized Dealers/ Stockists / Service Providers/ Contractors etc. having sufficient credentials for registration as Vendor(s) for execution of various supplies and services. The objective of the Vendor registration program is to establish a reliable source of procurement of goods and services.

  • International Partnership

    DNA Labs India is present in various parts of the world and prides itself on providing high quality genomic services combined with 100% accurate reports, patient centric service outlook, state-of-the-art technology and an extensive network of skillful physicians through setup of labs, either fully owned or in partnership with a local partner.

    All international tie-ups have followed successful completion of both intensive and extensive trial runs wherein samples were tested parallel to each other at the client’s lab and at a DNA Labs India post which the results were compared. As of today, the International Division operates in a wide range of geographies – The Gulf and the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

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