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DNA labs India is Ranked & Awarded as India’s No1 Genetic DNA Testing Laboratory

With 3000 sample collection centers & tie-up with 500 hospitals across India. We perform more than 5000 tests a day.
India’s most trusted genetic lab by doctors. If you dont find any test listed feel free to call us on (040) 49171772

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Why Choose DNA Labs India

We offer test at affordable cost and the fastest results. All samples are tested in ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. We try to get your results in least possible time. As we appreciate that quick results mean less stress and anxiety. We can organize your DNA test even when test participants live in different locations. We will ensure a quick, seamless and timely process, working closely with our collection centers to provide you with the your test results.

Legal Immigration DNA Testing

Authorized sample collection center for Immigration & legal DNA testing for all embassy’s across globe. (Prove our results wrong and claim 50,00,000 Rs)

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

NIPT is a safe, simple test which offers screening for genetic conditions from as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy. (Prove our results wrong and claim 40,00,000 Rs)

Hereditary Cancer & Genetic Tests

Genetic test panels help patients understand their inherited diseases and know preventative options in actionable health areas (Prove results wrong & claim 40,00,000 Rs)

Trusted lab by doctors & Hospitals

Free Genetic counselling is available for pre and post test consultation and interpretation. Awarded as most trusted genetic lab by doctors. Accreditated laboratory reports.

Affordable. Innovation. Quality. Convenience

Whether the needs are large or small, routine or complex
physicians and patients can depend on us for access to a full range of the highest quality diagnostic testing

"A genetic test can help diagnose a genetic condition. When someone has an accurate diagnosis, the appropriate treatment can be given. If a genetic test tells you that you have an increased risk of developing a condition later in life (such as breast cancer) you might be able to go for more regular check-ups, and so keep the risk to a minimum."

Dr Raghu Ram

MD pediatrics, Phd

10000 +Happy patients

In these last 7 years, we have seen happiness and smiles across millions of customer faces. A few of our customer satisfaction video testimonial are listed below

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