What is DNA Paternity Test is it easy to get done

What is DNA Paternity Test is it easy to get done

What is DNA Paternity Test? Is it easy to get done?

You must have heard about DNA tests in your daily dose of Indian Television whether it’s from cinema or from TV serials, where the hero has affair with someone and the heroine find its out whether the child is the result of the affair by doing a DNA test.

You must be wondering now, can anybody get their DNA tested, is it that easy. And the answer to your question is Yes, anybody can get DNA tested and it’s easy.

It’s simple all you need is to provide the blood, buccal swab, nail or Hair samples of the family member with whom you want to do the test.

How does it work?

There millions of cells in our body and every cell has a copy of your DNA, whether it’s your blood, hair, nails etc. The DNA in the cells are informed of chromosomes, there 46 of them in your body in each cell.

Now when you have a child, men’s copy of DNA inform of sperm with 23 chromosomes is fused with the women’s copy of DNA inform of egg with 23 chromosomes where 50% of fathers and 50% of mothers DNA is combined or fused into 100% of the child’s DNA with 46 chromosomes.

The scientists in lab compare the 50% of a child’s DNA with the father and mother to check if it is your child or not. This is done by studying the chromosomes which came from the father and mother.

Now you must be wondering, why do people go for a DNA test?

There are plenty of reasons why people get their DNA tested, one of the common scenarios is to find who is the father of the child, mostly to check if the mother of the child had any affair.

The second situation is where, people who have infertility problem go for this test, to find if the egg (from mother) or the sperm (from father) used in a child is from them. Mostly to check if there is any mistake done by infertility clinics or hospitals.

Now, the third may be a bit shocking, people get their DNA test done to find if their baby got exchanged in hospital. Evidently, most hospitals don’t have proper records of childbirth, especially if it has a big maternal ward and multiple childbirths.

There are plenty of other scenarios, where you can do a DNA test to find the answers you are searching for.

Now, you must be wondering where it is done and who is best for DNA testing?

DNA labs India is a one-stop genetic testing laboratory where DNA test for paternity, maternity, NIPT to genetic testing for rare diseases can be done. It is spread across all major cities, from Jam mu to Chennai, and Gujarat to Assam.

Why DNA Labs India? You Ask.

DNA Labs India does check more no. of the chromosome from father and child while comparing to any other laboratory, they check 21 chromosome marker from father and child which is highest compared to others laboratory’s 16 or 18 marker result. As it is always said, if it’s more it’s better, cause an incomplete report can give different results. You don’t want that.

Let’s come to the price, When it comes to DNA test price goes from 13,000 to 20,000 for father and child depending on samples provided, as each type of samples like blood, hair or nail requires a different protocol to be followed in the lab.

DNA Test Name

Test Price

Paternity DNA Test

13000 Rs

Peace of Mind Paternity DNA Test

13000 Rs

Paternity 1 Father 2 Children DNA Test

19500 Rs

Paternity Nails/ Hair DNA Test

20000 Rs

Swab Self Collection Kit

1000 Rs
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