What is the cost of NIPT DNA test in Delhi Mumbai Bangalore?

What is the cost of the NIPT DNA test in India?

The cost of the NIPT DNA test in India at DNA Labs India varies from ₹12,000 to ₹13,000 depending on various laboratory testing methodologies and sample collection charges. The samples for the NIPT test are susceptible, and they are required to process as soon as possible there may be a service charge for that. DNA Labs India is one of the labs which provide free sample pick up from any hospital or from Home to provide the highest priority service.

What is NIPT?

NIPT (noninvasive prenatal testing) is a blood test used to screen for Down syndrome and a few other chromosomal conditions. You can have NIPT at ten weeks of pregnancy or later. Results are usually available in 2 weeks. This test is also called cell-free DNA screening.

NIPT is an advanced screening test that uses cell-free fetal DNA (cfDNA) found in the maternal blood to identify chromosome conditions found during pregnancy. cfDNA is released from the placenta into the maternal bloodstream as part of the growth and development of the baby.

The blood sample taken is sent to the lab for analysis. The test counts fragments of DNA (called cell-free DNA) from your placenta that’s circulating in your blood.

If there are different fragments of chromosome 21, for example, it suggests there are three copies of that chromosome instead of the usual two. This indicates your baby may have Down syndrome (trisomy 21)

What does NIPT test for?

NIPT is a highly accurate screening test used to identify pregnancies at increased chance of Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18), Patau syndrome (trisomy 13) or sex chromosome conditions such as Turner syndrome (monosomy X) and Klinefelter syndrome (XXY). The chance of having a child with a chromosome condition increases with maternal age.

Down syndrome: is the most common chromosomal condition seen in children and adults. It is caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21. People with Down syndrome have some degree of intellectual disability and may have other health and developmental concerns.

Edwards syndrome: is less common than Down syndrome and is caused by an extra chromosome 18. Pregnancies with trisomy 18 usually miscarry and babies that are live born rarely survive beyond a few weeks of life. All babies with Edwards syndrome have significant physical and intellectual problems.

Patau syndrome: is even less common than Down syndrome and Edwards syndrome. It is caused by an extra copy of chromosome 13. Pregnancies with trisomy 13 usually miscarry and babies that are liveborn rarely survive beyond the first few weeks of life. All babies with Patau syndrome have serious health problems.

Sex chromosome conditions: are caused by changes in the number of the X and Y chromosomes present. The X and Y chromosomes determine if a baby will be male or female. Babies with Turner syndrome (monosomy X) are females who have only one X chromosome (X instead of XX). Klinefelter syndrome is not typically associated with miscarriage but can cause some developmental problems and infertility.


Who can have NIPT?

NIPT is considered most appropriate for women who are at higher risk of having a baby with chromosomal abnormalities. These include women who have already had a baby with a chromosomal abnormality and those who will be age 35 or older when their baby is born.

NIPT is currently not recommended for women carrying twins or more.

Where can I get the NIPT DNA test done in India?

DNA Labs India is a leading molecular diagnostic company dedicated to making a difference in patient’s lives through the discovery and commercialization of transformative tests to assess a person’s risk of developing the disease, guide treatment decisions, and assess the risk of disease progression and recurrence.

DNA Labs India is committed to providing tests that provide useful information and are of high quality, and to making them as widely available as possible. We recognize that these tests may be are expensive, that why we have provided the most affordable and lowest pricing which only 12,000/-.

We provide a test of high quality, provided under the oversight of highly qualified medical specialists and scientists, in accredited laboratories, and with extensive supporting information for patients and doctors. Our test offers good value.

How can I book my NIPT DNA Tests in India?

Visit the website, for any DNA test. We can help you get your DNA test done. We have services in over 180 cities in India. Call us on below mention no.s or write to [email protected] We will allocate an expert for your query.

To know more about the test or to schedule a test, you contact us on the following no. for major cities

New Delhi: (011) 40849842

Mumbai : (022) 48937160

Kolkata : (033) 40836441

Chennai : (044) 48137110

Bangalore : (080) 45684079

Hyderabad : (040) 49171772

Ahmedabad : (079) 49107674

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