Adopted Child need DNA Test

  • 2 years ago

Bringing a life into this world is a difficult task, and raising a child is much more difficult especially when the child is adopted.

If you have adopted a child or planning to do one. It is better to get your child a DNA test.

Why take a DNA test for an adopted child?

Adoption is a tricky choice, people consider adoption as a good choice than spending money on an infertility clinic to have a child. Not only they are becoming a parent but also raising a child who doesn't have anyone.

The newly became parents are happy to have a child, they provide as much love, care and time to their baby, it's wonderful being a part of another life. But they tend to forget that, it is not their child and they don't know anything about the child there may be many unanswered questions regarding the baby.

To get all answers, a DNA test of the child can help you.

The DNA test can help you find any genetic abnormalities, rare genetic diseases and developmental delay problem. With this information, you can prepare for any early treatment required for the child, and prevent it before any symptoms occur, so that your baby may be healthy and happy making a perfect family.

Which DNA tests would be good for the child?

Since the child is adopted we do not know any family history, so we can not screen any genes based on the family history. It would be better to look for all possible diseases which are due genetic or familial.

New Born screening, early detection after birth.

This test is mostly done for a newborn child but can also be done on a few week older baby or more. DNA labs India, a pit stop for genetic testing is one of the widely chosen laboratories for any genetic testing. The Newborn screening of the child will provide you information on 50 genetic as well as metabolic disorders, with the early detection a simple modification in diet or by appropriate medication can prevent severe issues in future.

Clinical Exome sequencing is one good option.

DNA Labs India a leading genetic laboratory is one of a pioneer in clinical exome sequencing. The test screens more than 5,000 genes which are associated with various diseases in the DNA, a complete report of each gene and its prognosis is provided. You can use the report and know more about your child from the doctor for further help.

Want to get your child test?

DNA labs India spread across all major cities and has more than 3500 sample centre. By visiting any centre nearby your location, you can get your sample collected or contact us to avail a free home sample collection, one of our certified sample collector will visit your location and collect the sample and deliver it to our lab.

How can I book my DNA Tests in India?

Visit the website, for any DNA test. We can help you get your DNA test done. We have services in over 180 cities in India. Call us on below mention no.s or write to We will allocate an expert for your query.

To know more about the test or to schedule a test you contact us on the following no. for major cities

New Delhi: (011) 40849842

Mumbai : (022) 48937160

Kolkata : (033) 40836441

Chennai : (044) 48137110

Bangalore : (080) 45684079

Hyderabad : (040) 49171772

Ahmedabad : (079) 49107674

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