Best Genetic Treatment for Hair Loss

  • 2 years ago

Very often hair loss is genetic in that baldness or its associated hair loss can be hereditary. Androgenetic alopecia, a baldness pattern is common in both men and women wherein, men experience baldness while women experience hair thinning or sometimes even baldness. Changes in environmental and lifestyle habits have a severe effect on today’s generation of people.

Thus, identifying the route cause i.e. the genetic level of identification of the problem is mandatory. Do not worry. DNA labs India has been successful enough in identifying the group of genes that are critical in causing hair loss. Through this test, baldness can either be prevented or slowed down.

What you have to do?

Just give your sample. We will perform the rest of the analysis and give you the report that is efficacious for a step ahead towards understanding and treatment of the problem.

What information can you get?

The report you get detects the problem, if present, thus making an individual very well prepared in advance. Additionally, change in lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise can prevent hair loss at a preliminary level of hair thinning.

According to your genetic composition, you get a report for early identification of hair loss problem.

Don’t wait too long. Get yourself tested today at DNA labs today.

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