Cost Chromosomal Micro Array Testing CMA Test India Delhi Mumbai Bangalore

Cost Chromosomal Micro Array Testing CMA Test India Delhi Mumbai Bangalore



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In all the cells of our body our genetic material, or DNA, is packaged on string-like structures called chromosomes. Our DNA contains coded information (our genes) that is used by the cells to make our bodies grow and function properly. It is important that there is the correct amount of DNA information in each cell of our body, as having more or less DNA than usual, can cause health or developmental concerns.

There are usually 46 chromosomes in each of our cells, arranged in 23 pairs.

What is CMA testing?

As part of an investigation into a developmental or health concern about your child or yourself, your doctor or genetics specialist may suggest a chromosome microarray (CMA) test that looks for extra or missing DNA segments.

What information will the CMA test provide?

  • No copy number variant is found- This is the most common result
  • A copy number variant is found which does not usually cause any health or developmental concern
  • A copy number variant is found that explains the health or developmental concern.
  • A copy number variant is found but its impact on health or development is unclear
  • A copy number variant is found that contains a gene or genes unrelated to the developmental or health concerns, but which could potentially cause other health problems in the future

Where can I get the Chromosomal Microarray test done in India

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How can I book my Chromosomal Microarray tests in India?

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