DNA Microarray Test

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What is a Microarray DNA test?

Microarray DNA test is a genomics technology which used to find multiple gene sequences and locations with better precision at a much faster speed compared to other technologies like PCR, and QPCR (qualitative Polymerase Chain Reaction).

Microarray means a very small arrangement. The array is created using multiple copies of the genes on a glass slide, with each array contributing hundreds and thousands of genes at a single location which are in form of both horizontal and vertical.

DNA microarray technology allows us to screen multiple genetic variations on thousands of genes at the same time.

What is Microarray?

  • Each spot on a microarray contains multiple identical strands of DNA.
  • The DNA sequence on each spot is unique.
  • Each spot represents one gene.
  • Thousands of spots are arrayed in orderly rows and columns on a solid surface (usually glass).
  • The precise location and sequence of each spot are recorded in a computer database.
  • Microarrays can be the size of a microscope slide, or even smaller.

The Microarray has led scientific ventures into many sectors in genomics from discovering new genes, and expression of the gene based on the different metabolic pathways.

Microarray works on the same technology as PCR, and RT-PCRs, which works on a much grander scale where instead of screening one, two or maybe 20 genes, it screens thousands of genes at the same.

The Microarray technology is more complex than any PCR reaction, instead of 10 or 20 pairs of primers, there are thousands of complementary DNA or cDNA, gDNA and oligonucleotide created for each gene which will be tested or screened. These cDNAs are made from mRNA of cells where the mRNA transcribes the DNA and travels across the cell to the endoplasmic reticulum for protein synthesis. The mRNAs are isolated and with the help of reverse transcriptase from viruses, the RNA is converted into multiple copies of cDNA.

The prepared cDNA is labelled and Hybridization on the transparent glass microarray, hundreds and thousands of the cDNA are immobilized on the glass surface. Each spot in the glass contains multiple copies of cfDNA of one gene and there are thousands of these spots on one chip containing multiple genes.

There are different types of microarray based on various research or data required:-

  1. Microarray mutation analysis: For this analysis, the researchers use gDNA. The genes might differ from each other by as little as a single nucleotide base. A single base difference between two sequences is known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and detecting them is known as SNP detection
  2. Microarray gene expression analysis: In this experimental setup, the cDNA derived from the mRNA of known genes is immobilized. The sample has genes from both the normal as well as the diseased tissues. Spots with more intensity are obtained for diseased tissue gene if the gene is overexpressed in the diseased condition. This expression pattern is then compared to the expression pattern of a gene responsible for a disease.
  3. Comprehensive Genomic analysis: It is used for the identification of the increase or decrease of the important chromosomal fragments harbouring genes involved in a disease.

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