HLA Typing Test Cost in India

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HLA typing

Before knowing the HLA typing test cost in India let's go through with what is HLA testing. Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing is a method to determine how closely the tissues of one person match the tissues of another person. Human leukocyte antigens are proteins that inherit from our parents.

HLA match

The HLA match is the number of HLA markers that any two people have in common. HLA matching is usually based on either eight or 10 HLA markers. The more markers two people share, the better the match. When two individuals share the same HLA markers, they are said to be a good match.
The most likely place to find an HLA match between two people is among siblings who have the same mother and father. If two siblings inherit the very same HLA markers from both parents, they are said to be an HLA-identical match.
Two unrelated people can just happen to be a good HLA match, too. Although it is less likely, it is possible that you could have some of the same HLA markers as someone you don’t even know.

When will do HLA typing?

When a doctor decides that a bone marrow transplant is the best treatment for a patient, the patient, all of his or her siblings if they agree, and sometimes their parents will have samples collected for HLA typing. If one of the family members is an HLA-identical match, the lab will do further testing to be absolutely sure that they are the best match possible.

Where will do HLA typing test in India

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HLA typing test cost in India

The cost of the HLA Typing Test for a single person (either donor or recipient) is 12000/-
The cost of the HLA Typing Test for both donor & recipient is 24000/-

How can I book my HLA typing test in India?

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