Sibling DNA Test Cost Details in India

  • 2 years ago

What is a Sibling DNA test?

A sibling DNA test analyzes the DNA of alleged brothers or sisters to determine if they are full siblings, half-siblings or not related. This brother and sister DNA test can help prove or disprove paternity or maternity indirectly. 

DNA testing with siblings is the best option when the alleged father or mother is unwilling or unavailable to be tested. Our premium DNA test for siblings can analyze Up To 46 Markers, which is 50% more markers than our competitor's 24 marker test.

Types of Sibling DNA Tests:

Two individuals who have the same biological parents are called full siblings, whereas two individuals who share only one biological parent in common are called half-siblings. 

On average, full siblings share 50% of their genes due to common inheritance, whereas half-siblings share 25%. The DNA molecule of full siblings and half-siblings will demonstrate an increased amount of genetic material in common when compared to the DNA of unrelated individuals.

How does Sibling DNA testing work?

In a sibling test, the degree of certainty that can be achieved depends upon who is available for testing as well as the specific type of sibling relationship being tested.

The DNA profiles are compared and statistically analysed in order to determine the likelihood of the tested relationship i.e. the likelihood that the participants are biologically related as full siblings, half-siblings or that they are biologically unrelated.

A full sibling test assumes there is one known parent in common and tests to conclusively determine if both parents are shared.  A half-sibling test assumes one parent is different and will determine if one or no parent is shared.

What is the cost of the Sibling DNA Test?

The Cost of a Sibling DNA Test is Rs.24000.

What is the time for the outcome of the results?

The time taken for the outcome of the results is 10-12 working days. The reports will be sent to your email.

How to book an appointment for a Sibling DNA Test?

You can either book the test online or can call us to book your test, and a free home sample collection will be provided to all our clients.

Why go for a Sibling DNA Test?

Sibling DNA testing is performed to determine whether two people share one or both parents. Testing siblings is an indirect form of paternity DNA testing - trying to determine and prove if two individuals have the same biological father. 

If the father is unavailable to provide a DNA sample due to being incarcerated, deceased or simply unwilling or unable to participate, a sibling DNA test is performed. 

The sibling DNA test can determine if two people are related biologically as full or half-siblings. Full siblings refer to two people who share the same biological parents. Half siblings refer to those who share only one biological parent. 

Interpreting the Results:

Your results will show two numbers (alleles) that indicate the number of repeats that you received from each parent at each STR. You may have two identical alleles at a marker, or you may have two different alleles. 

These allele numbers are compared between the two alleged siblings, and statistical analysis is performed based on the match type typically expected for true biologically related sibling pairs. 

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