DNA Test Cost in Delhi Mumbai Bangalore

DNA Test Cost in Delhi Mumbai Bangalore

The Cost of the Relationship DNA Test depends upon the type of relationship test you want to get tested. We offer the following different types of Relationship tests.

  1. Paternity DNA Test

    – This


    will check for the biological relationship between father and born child

  2. Maternity DNA Test

    – This


    will check for the biological relationship between father and born child

  3. Sibling DNA Test

    – This


    will check whether 2 individuals are half or full siblings

  4. Avuncular DNA Test

    – This


    will check for the relationship between aunt or uncle to nephew or niece

  5. Grandparent DNA Test

    – This


    will check for relation for a grandparent to their grandchildren

Find the list of DNA Test Cost in Delhi for key DNA Relationship Tests. If you are searching for this test in any other city in India, click on the link below and change your location to find your city.

What is the cost of the DNA Test in Delhi and other cities?

DNA Test Cost in


-Starting from Rs.13000

DNA Test Cost in


-Starting from Rs.13000

DNA Test Cost in


-Starting from Rs.13000

DNA Test Cost in


-Starting from Rs.13000

DNA Test Cost


– Starting from Rs.13000

DNA Test Cost in


-Starting from Rs.13000

DNA Test Cost in


-Starting from Rs.13000

How can I do a DNA test in India?

Relationship DNA tests are generally used to prove the father-child relationship, mother-child relationship, sibling relationship or any other blood relationship including grandfather and grandchild.

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What is a DNA Paternity Test in India?


A paternity test is a scientific test that compares the DNA of a child, mother, and

alleged father

to determine the likelihood of whether the man is or is not the

biological father

of a child.  It is possible to test only the child and alleged father, but it is preferred to also test the mother when possible.

Do I have to have a Legal order?

A Legal order is not generally required. However, in compliance with Indian penal code, DNA labs India requires a mother consent or ordering by other authorized persons for all DNA identity or relationship tests performed in India if want to use legally.

Can I get a Lawyer or court order?

if all parties involved in the testing agree to participate voluntarily, neither an attorney nor court order is required.

Can I take a DNA Test without a mother?

It is possible to conduct a DNA paternity test without a sample from the child’s biological mother; however, it is preferred that the mother also provide a sample.

Can age or Food consumption affect the results?

No. Age and food consumption do not affect the results. A person’s DNA used in paternity testing does not change over time.

What if there are two alleged fathers who are related?

If two related men are possible fathers of a child, it is highly recommended to test both possible fathers. If this is not possible, it is important to alert the laboratory that there are other possible fathers who are related to the tested alleged father.

How is my personal information protected?

Your privacy and security are important to us. Once samples are taken at the collection site, they are packaged in a tamper-proof bag for shipment to our DNA testing laboratory. Entry into our DNA testing facility is by restricted access only. All samples are bar-coded and all computer systems are secured. Results and case information are shared only with authorized individuals. For the protection of the tested parties, results are not released over the phone. All samples and DNA profiles are retained for a period of time (as required by accreditation guidelines) but are destroyed after the requisite storage periods.

DNA Test Cost in India for Relationship DNA Tests

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Why are DNA Tests Becoming Useful?

DNA Test relies on the genetic makeup of one or more individuals for diagnosis. For relationship testing, DNA within a family will show similarity. A mother’s DNA will have common traits as her child, a grandfather’s  DNA will have common traits with his grandchildren’s DNA. Hence, DNA testing is becoming a de facto standard for proving or disproving blood relationship.

Since DNA can identify an individual’s unique characteristics, DNA testing is also becoming a medium of predicting the possibility of various disorders in an individual. DNA testing can also provide invaluable insights into a person’s propensity to develop certain disorders in the future. DNA tests are also used to identify certain genes, which can then help in deciding the course of treatment for a person suffering from some diseases. Hence, DNA testing and genetic testing is opening a new area of personalized medicine.

How can I book my DNA Tests in Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai Hyderabad Bangalore?

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